Thursday, July 31, 2014

"The Signs of Dictatorship"

"Irony, Thy Name is Feminism" by Leslie Loftis

"Feminist can talk all they want about how the movement is about freedom, equality, and choice.  But everyday experience molded by what feminism does feels more like naiveté, loneliness, and cruelty. The young and powerful women who reject the title “feminist,” that’s what they notice. Feminists say one thing, but do another."

"Why Do Feminists Demand That Women Stay in the Workforce?" by Mollie Hemingway

"Do your economically subliterate pay-gap partisan politicking if you must. But stop saying that stay-at-home mothers would be better off working outside the home. Many of us know that’s an option but choose otherwise."

Some of us know that motherhood, which requires personal sacrifice, pays dividends greater than any sum of cold, hard $$$, and we relish raising our own children, instead of outsourcing this kind of life-work to strangers.  

"Redefining Reality on a Whim"/Liberal Logic 101

Andrew Klavan: Thanks, Christian White Men!