Friday, October 24, 2014

Self Evident Truths: Clinging to the Bankrupt Ideals of Postmodernism

Self Evident Truths: Clinging to the Bankrupt Ideals of Postmodernism: Years ago, I and several of my colleges in graduate school, created a class with one of our favorite professors. In the class, we studie...

(This kind of hubris described in Euripides blog post is typical of a country which has so long enjoyed peace and prosperity that it has forgotten that such blessings come from God.  He has a way of reminding us he's still in charge...)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Speak the Words, or Go to Jail

Volokh on Coeur d


So, Our Newest Ebola "Czar" Believes the World is Overpopulated.

Yes, Obama’s Ebola Czar thinks overpopulation is the number one problem facing world leaders today.

In a 2008 Georgetown University interview, Ron Klain and his wife Monica Medina, currently Senior Director for International Ocean Policy at ...

"God bless and keep the czar, far away from us...."

Ministers Must Now Officiate at Gay Weddings, or Face Jail Time

"The liberal result here is that your first amendment rights do not matter. Freedom of association, freedom of conscience, freedom to practice your faith... all are done away with if you happen to make money exercising them. You transform yourself into a place of “public accommodation” and you lose all appeals to the first amendment. Bad enough that the property rights of bakers and florists have been whittled away, but now houses of worship themselves are in the crosshairs."

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"3 reasons more college-educated women are choosing marriage and family"

Read all about it here.

"My college degree has enhanced my mothering skills. Family is forever, motherhood and family are where I find the greatest joy and satisfaction. Homemaking is my happiest career choice, ever."